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Victor Mancha

Basic Information

Birthday:July 21st
Hometown:Los Angeles, California
Home Neighborhood:Boyle Heights, Los Angeles
Family Members:Mother - Karolina Dean
Father - Nico Minoru
Relationship Status:In a Relationship with Lydia Bennet
Interested In: Women
Looking For:N/A
Political Views:The opposite of whatever's here
Religious Views:Catholic

Personal Information

Activities:Trying not to die
Interests:comic books, sather, not rhetorical questions, dr henry pym, COBOL, PHP, palindromes, spider-man, c++, superheroes, tabletop games, the avengers, x-men
Favorite Music:Nullsleep, The Glitch Mob, Anamanaguchi
Favorite TV Shows:Stop making me translate La Madrastra
Favorite Movies:Star Wars, Vertigo, Fight Club
Favorite Quotations:"Computers are like Old Testament gods; lots of rules and no mercy." - Joseph Campbell
About Me:Sorry about Nathan.

Contact Information
Mobile Phone:+880-834-910-4133.
Address:West 201
City/Town:New Moore

Education and Work

College:New Moore Community College - '14
High School:New Moore High School - '12
Time Period:October 2011 - current


Member Of:Haxored, L33T, C++ Geeks Unite!

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