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molly hayes
"You are the lamest little brother ever. I want a new one."

While Molly serves as the little sister to the rest of the group, she's insistent she's Victor's "big sister." Molly's strength is the only power that could take down Victor if he went rogue, so she served as his babysitter from his early days in Runaways. Now that Victor is a dedicated member of the team, their relationship is a lot better, though Victor constantly tries to enforce guidelines on Molly's more reckless streaks. A devoted big bro, Victor is super protective of Molly and would easily fry anybody who tried to hurt her.

• 1/2 of the baby sister (big sister?) brigade
• cheats at board games!
• alternates as babysitter/babysat-ee

karolina dean
"Besides, you and your fancy high school degree can afford it!! Does this mean you're older now? Like almost Molly's age?"

If Nico is the surrogate dad of the group, Karolina is definitely the mom. The two often form an unlikely alliance of mercy and high morals in light of all the awful shit that surrounds them. They are definitely the more peaceloving members, even though Karolina's a great deal more laid back than this high-strung cybrorg. He wishes she wouldn't keep making him cook gross vegan dishes though.

• "mom" of the runaways
• unexpectedly fierce at boggle
• vegan pozole is not that terrible


nathan young
"Oh hahahahaHAHAHAHA you fucking slay me, cos I'm best mates with everyone who viciously murders me! You really got me there Robocop, now if you'll excuse me I've got serial killers to befriend"

Easily one of the top 10 most obnoxious people on the island, Nathan's found himself a best buddy in Victor. Although they had initial disagreements about homicide, Victor put all that aside to murder Nathan multiple times during his stint as Victorious. After that Victor tried to redeem Nathan but being super nice, and somehow they both gt too used to hanging around with each other to fight it. Nathan thinks he is the older brother, when it's really Victor who feels like he's teaching all the lessons. Frequently refer to one another as "best friends" despite the lack of logic behind it.

• robobros/robohomos 4 lyfe
• saved new moore residents from victorious
• goal in life is to make victor cool (failed)

lydia bennet
"Oh cmon im sure youre totally into it
I can be catwoman

From the second he first saw her, 'Dream Weaver' starting paying in Victor's head and he hasn't got over it. Had a painfully obviously crush on her for a while, going so far as to throw down a fair chunk of change for her in the date suction. Much lke his other major New Moore CR, Victorious's doucebaggery surprisingly pushed the together. A little nervous about introducing her to the Runaways, she gets along well with all of his buddies (especially Nathan, weirdly enough). Stupid smitten over her, Victor is an annoying devoted boyfriend who is a little sensitive about Lydia's flirty ways.

• beautiful red hair (he has a type)
• super full of life and fun and way too good for him
• um is no one gonna mention hes dating female nathan....

vriska serket
"What is it with dum8 8oys and throwing away opportunities at friendship and redemption????????
What's up with that."

Victorious tried to mess with Vriska's head in a moment of weakness are you noticing a pattern with how Senor Cyborg makes pals? They've since made up, even though Victor would much rather she hate him for it. Vriska is invited to family dinners and game nights, as Victor's got a soft spot for trolls with mom issues who love tabletop games. She makes a habit of telling him off when he's too self effacing, and generally giving him a hard time about his relationship with Lydia.

• d&d enthusiast (coolest people on the island, i know)
• self-esteem issues police
• will fght for this girl but dont make it weird

karkat vantas

While Victor originally dismissed Karkat as "an asshole," Karkat has grown on the cyborg through more than just repeated contact. Victor's stubborn moral compass and Karkat's perpetual rage issues tend to create a far share of disagreements between them, but the cyborg is willing to give this kid the benefit of the doubt. Since he's over at Nathan's frequently, often ends up making sure Karkat is fed.

• auspistice between karkat and nathan (??)
• please stop throwing tomato sauce jars at each other!!!
• holy shit did karkat just call nathan a "pendejo"???

john egbert
"you are not dead, vic! you are the most alive and coolest cyborg i know."

John is such a good, honest kid it makes the fact his best friends with Karkat... really confusing. either way, Victor thinks John's the best of the best when it comes to kids on New Moore. Both spend entirely too much time at Karkat and Nathan's apartment, and victor has started to bring over magic the gathering cards to teach John and other varieties of nerd things (although no he will not watch Con Air). Lately Karkat and John spend more time on their own and Victor, while very good at keeping secrets, really wishes he didnt know why.

• d&d partner (ARENT YOU JEALOUS)
• only boy molly is ever allowed to date
• oh christ a preteen had more of a lovelife than him

gamzee makara
"lIkE, dO yOu EvEn BrEaK nOrMaL? :o/
tHaT cRuNcH aIn'T rIgHt, BrO. sNaP, cRaCk, PoP!"

Victor's roommate and somehow grosser and more terrifying than the last one. Someone told Gamzee Victor couldn't die, and given the troll's history, Vic's not in any rush to correct him.

• bullied kids bout their dead parents
• not actually a bad guy
• sure he's not at bad as this guy right?
loki laufeyson
"Being villainous on the world of on-line! Stop hiding beneath your wall of fire and face me!
How does that sound?
I think it's rather good."

Loki decided to play a trick on Victor entitled, make a cyborg your friend. Victor resisted, as kidnapped, force to pay for waffles and argue vehemently about how he and Loki have nothing in common Now begrudgingly realizing they actually have a lot in common, has decided to play nicer with Loki. Hey, he's bringing 4chan memes to the island, how bad can he be?


• kidnapper and lover of waffles
• got a bad rap for future misdeeds
• oh hell he really cant hate someone for that

kate bishop
"I really would have thought evil robot dad would think it prudent his son be able to hold his liquor. Sounds like a design flaw to me."

Originally met Kate when he was writhing on the floor thanks to The Vision and Teflon missiles, Victor and Kate have had loads of time to catch up on New Moore. Victor repeatedly refuses to join the Young Avengers, and based on readiness Victorious has to go after the group as a substitute, this isn't likely to change. Still, genuinely likes Kate and will help her and her team out however he can, minus formal membership, of course.

• leader of the young avengers
• more blase about the vision's death than he likes
• oh god stop telling me about your hookups!!!

conrad acheleck

Nathan's boss at the Nancing Phoney, Conrad is an okay guy if not a bit of a hipster. Once he called the cops on a drunk Lydia and Victor is "still mad." Who would've guessed this would be what got Victor to agreed to go to Lau's regularly. Also, Victor wasn't 21, what are you up to, diabolical Conrad!!


• whiny vampire
• i mean twilight is one thing
• but this is just ridiculous

tim drake

Victor and Tim had a run in over the Midnight Channel took a VERY long time to make up. Vic understand Tim's a good guy and didn't completely mean the things he said, but first impressions leave their mark on this guy. Eventually they have made friens, if anything through the mutual harassment he and Nathan send Tim's way. Thinks Tim is kinda uptight- and coming from Victor, that means something.

• bullied kids bout their dead parents
• not actually a bad guy
• sure he's not at lame as this guy right?